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Everything here is obsessed

~About Musetown~
Musetown is a site where I muse/spaz/obsess/*insert synonyms* about anything and everything I'm interested in the late. This mostly surrounds my 3 major areas of love: musical theater, anime and video games. I hope for this to be a place where I can discover and share this musings with people who are equally as obsessed as I am. Oh, and I like making friends :)

~About Aihara Tenshi~
NAME: Tenshi
RACE: Human
SKILLS: telekinesis (i wish), acting, singing, piano, tarot card reading, spastic obsessing, animal noises including Pikachu and Stitch
   ATTACK:   ****
   SPECIAL: *************
   AGILITY:   *******

  • Equipment: Green camo jacket, Sony Piq grey&pink headphones, old sneakers, hats x3, oversized bags x5, scarves x12
  • Weapons: Netbook (Int +10), Signed 2009 Hair Broadway Cast Album (Def +4), Green Starbucks Tumbler (Vit +8), NDS (Str +6, Productivity -3), 11" phoenix feather ashwood wand (Mag +20, Awesome +77) 
  • Items/Potions: Ginseng Oolong Tea, Haribo Gummy Bears, Instant Ramen, Doritos

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